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With age comes beauty.

RADIESSE® at Kucumber Skin Lounge

Radiesse® dermal injections are a leading treatment in today’s skin care and, of course, at Kucumber Skin Lounge. Radiesse increases the volume of the skin by acting as a scaffold for new collagen growth in soft tissue. A high-viscosity filler with more lasting action than hyaluronic gels, Radiesse is highly regarded for its natural elasticity and collagen-stimulating ability. The dual-dermal-filler effects of Radiesse are visible immediately. Radiesse is ideally used to improve the appearance of deep lines, like those around the nose and mouth. Radiesse is also an excellent choice for use on the back of hands to fill lost volume and restore youthful appearance. You can choose from a number of Radiesse applications that will bring renewed vitality to your look, including:

  • Correction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhancing jawline
  • De-aging hands
  • Restoration of youthful face shape
  • Sculpting and lifting cheeks
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Beautiful Contours


Your specialist administers the injection and then manually massages to contour the product. The filler immediately adds volume to the injected areas. After treatment, Radiesse will continue to improve skin appearance over time by stimulating growth of your body’s own collagen. The new collagen then attaches to the calcium hydroxylapatite structures created by the Radiesse injection. Your specialist will assess your basic medical history and facial and/or hand anatomy, and discuss your desired treatment goals.

Transformative Aesthetics


In studies of facial soft tissue augmentation, Radiesse has been shown to last up to a year or more in most patients. The injected material is much denser than the surrounding soft tissue and will be palpable for 2 to 3 months; in time, the treated area softens to feel the same as the surrounding area. After injection, the gel carrier gradually absorbs over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. At the same time, the calcium hydroxylapatite is encapsulated by your body, which limits any migration. This scaffolding effect supports your body’s natural collagen growth and also allows you to see the long-term results that make Radiesse so desirable. Short-term effects of injectables include discomfort at the time of the injection, as well as post-injection skin redness, swelling, and bruising. In general, the more material that is injected, the greater the duration and extent of swelling

Come to Kucumber for Radiesse treatment now, and experience results – and confidence – that are lasting.


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