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Ethnic Skin

Darker skin tones have special needs and should be treated accordingly. The expert staff at Kucumber understands the distinctions, offers deep expertise on the unique makeup of ethnic skin, addresses the specific skin conditions, and recommends the best solutions. From tone and textural concerns to pigmentation issues, we can help.

Whether you’re concerned with blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, melasma, excessive oiliness, dry skin, fine lines or acne, our services can be finely tuned to your skin care goals. Body goals are also important. That’s why we also offer skin tightening and body sculpting treatments to help contour your body into its optimal shape. Many of our treatments are ideal for ethnic skin, such as:

We invite you to consider Kucumber as your skin care partner. Meet with our team of medical and aesthetic professionals to personalize the treatment plan that achieves your beauty and skin fitness goals.