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Chemical peels exfoliate to stimulate new surface skin growth and collagen production, and contribute to more evenly distributed skin color. Kucumber Skin Lounge offers clients a full range of advanced chemical peels that create an impact at three levels – superficial, medium-depth, and deep. Any of these peel treatments will leave your skin feeling and looking more radiant. Renew your confidence in your skin’s beauty by addressing:

  • Melasma
  • Photodamage
  • Skin tone
  • Skin texture
  • Skin firming
  • Scar treatment
  • Sun damage
  • Clogged pores
  • Acne
  • Dryness
  • Cystic acne
  • Hydration
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Your skilled Kucumber specialist will assess your skin characteristics to create a customized peel treatment plan. Superficial peels penetrate only the upper layers of skin, and are recommended for acne, mild photoaging and photodamage, and melasma and other discolorations. Medium-depth peels are used for discolorations, superficial scars, and pigmentary disorders. Deep peels are used for pronounced, deeper scars, discoloration, wrinkles, and acute photoaging. Your specialist will choose the chemical peel agent that’s right for your treatment goals and also consider your preferred recovery downtime schedule.

The chemical solution is applied to your entire face or just a targeted area. Most patients feel a warm sensation that soon subsides on its own. Multiple passes might be applied. Following each pass, your Kucumber provider will monitor your comfort level and skin’s reaction. Typically, the peel treatment takes 30 minutes. You will be provided with a thoughtful, clear post-treatment plan to help you achieve maximum benefits.

What To Expect

Successful outcomes result from considering your unique skin characteristics, and addressing your desired treatment goals with the appropriate peeling agents and post-treatment skin care. Your adherence to post-treatment care recommendations will impact your outcome.

After a superficial peel, your skin will continue to improve in appearance over the following three to five days as dermal collagen builds and upper layers of skin are rejuvenated. In medium-depth peels, the healing process is longer, with full results developing in about one week. Sun protection after a medium-depth peel is recommended for several weeks. Deep peels require significant healing time (five to ten days), with full results observed after two months; sun protection must always be used after these treatments. Your specialist might customize treatment to your individual needs with several supplemental options including lasers or Hydrafacial® as well as at-home skin regimens.

At Kucumber, the power of chemical peels promotes new surface skin growth and collagen production, supporting the beauty goals you most desire.


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