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Tailored to Men

For Men

It’s true: the skincare needs of men are different. That’s why Kucumber Skin Lounge offers a variety of specialized treatments specifically targeting men’s concerns. From razor burn and dryness to body change and aging, the health and fitness of your skin can benefit from our tailored services. In today’s environment, skin care and spa treatments have become a practical necessity for men of all ages. Keeping your skin in excellent condition is as important as the health and fitness of your body. That’s why men of the Seattle community trust Kucumber year-round to help them achieve optimal skin health. Our male clients often favor customized treatment plans that include body sculpting and tightening, like KuFit™ and KuSculpt™, as these align well with fitness goals. In addition, we offer a complete array of services designed to target male concerns, like hair removal, tattoo removal, contouring and anti-aging. A client favorite with our men is, of course, Bro-tox (Botox® for men), as well as our wide range of dermal facial fillers.

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