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Spring Is Perfect for CoolSculpting!

You want to wear a bathing suit that will turn heads, but you didn’t remember to pass on all those holiday treats. If you didn’t spend as much of your winter as you should have preparing for your summer beach body, never fear! It isn’t too late for you to get that perfect summer look you dream of. In as little as a few weeks, you could already be seeing results from the non-invasive procedure known as CoolScupting. You could be trimmer and more confident for bikini season if you get started this spring.

Spring is the perfect time to schedule an appointment to talk to a professional about CoolScupting. This revolutionary therapy is progressive, meaning that you will see more results the closer it gets to beach time. You could look awesome by the time summer hits. Instead of waiting until the last minute, now is the time to take control of your appearance by scheduling a consultation about CoolScupting with the professionals at Kucumber Skin Lounge.

What Is CoolScupting?

CoolScupting is a non-invasive medical procedure that targets problem areas on your body, without the incisions and surgery required for more traditional procedures, like liposuction. CoolScupting uses a process called Cryolipolysis, which is basically the targeted freezing of fat cells. A professionally trained technician applies cold to the target area, freezing and killing fat cells without damaging other tissues. This doesn’t result in the immediate removal of tissue. Instead, the fat cells rupture over time, allowing your body to naturally process the fat contained within them.

Your own metabolism will be doing most of the work for you, as long as you keep showing up for sessions. It can take several sessions and a few weeks to see results, but they tend to build once you start noticing them. Your body will continue processing fat stored in the treated areas for several weeks. That means that you’ll see more definition and better contouring to your body without the long recovery time and pain associated with more traditional body fat reduction treatments.

Starting a regimen of CoolScupting now ensures that you’ll be seeing real results by the time you need to get into a bathing suit for the first time. Whether it’s love handles, a mommy pouch, or inner thighs that need a little help, CoolScupting and effectively and non-invasively reduce body fat in your most problematic areas. The sessions themselves are brief and relatively pain-free, which no real down time. You can attend CoolScupting sessions on your lunch break and return to work afterward with no issues.

Why Choose CoolScupting Over Surgery?

CoolScupting may sound too good to be true, but it is an FDA-approved procedure. In fact it is the only nonsurgical, fat-freezing procedure FDA approved for fat reduction in certain areas of the body. The procedure can be used to target fatty deposits in the submental area (around your chin and neck), the thighs, abdomen, back, upper arms and under the buttocks. For most adults, these represent the biggest problem areas for fat accumulation. Instead of painful, invasive, and bruising liposuction or other surgical procedures, more people are choosing CoolScupting every year.

The benefits speak for themselves. You don’t need surgery or anesthesia. There are no needles, and recovery time is a non-issue. You can return to work or daily life immediately after a CoolScupting session. For many plastic surgery and fat reduction procedures, anesthesia is the biggest risk to the patient. That means that CoolScupting is typically safer than invasive surgical procedures. The CoolScupting system has safety features built in, ensuring that only fat cells and not muscle or skin cells, are targeted by the freezing cold being applied.

With a quick recovery, amazing visual results, and no scars, CoolScupting can offer impressive, progressive results to those hoping to reduce fat in problem areas. Spring is the ideal time to start treatments.