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How Hormones Affect Your Skin

Hormones regulate and influence healthy function throughout your body, but you might be surprised by how much influence they have on your skin as well. Hormones control the chemicals your body produces to keep your skin healthy. The problem, however, is that hormone production can change radically over time, especially as you age, so it’s important to understand these effects and learn how to manage them. This way, you can keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful, no matter what.

Different Hormones and Their Effects

Estrogen is one very important hormone in maintaining your skin. It makes your skin healthier and smoother by shrinking pores and creating other proteins that keep your skin balanced and full. It helps your skin stay hydrated and generally keeps you looking youthful.

Estrogen levels increase during puberty and pregnancies, but for women they significantly drop over time, starting in the 30s and 40s and continuing through menopause. That’s when wrinkles start showing up and your skin may feel dry and thin. Estrogen imbalances in either direction can also contribute to discoloration and problems with other spots. Darker spots or patches around your cheeks and eyes that appear like this are called melasma.

Testosterone is a significant hormone in skin care, too, even for women. This hormone helps your skin produce natural oils, or sebum, to protect your skin and keep it looking bright and moisturized. The problem is that too much testosterone means more oil, which can lead to acne-breakouts or to uncomfortably oily skin. Different stages of life can lead to testosterone imbalances in both men and women.

Another hormone that can have big effects on your skin is cortisol. Your body produces cortisol when you’re under stress. Too much of this hormone will lead to over-production of sebum and acne issues. It can also mess with your health in other ways, so you’ve got plenty of reasons to try to keep stress levels under control.

Thyroid hormones can also have an impact on your skin, and need to stay in balance. Too much thyroid hormone means your skin will feel sweaty and hot. Not enough hormones from the thyroid, however, and your skin will feel dry and rough. You also might not be able to sweat a lot.

But What Can I Do?

The first steps for anyone to keep a healthy balance of hormones in their body are all lifestyle related. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep well and try to manage stress. These options are always good, for a wide range of health reasons, but, unfortunately, they’re not always enough to keep hormones balanced, especially when your body is going through age-related changes. Luckily, there are skin rejuvenation treatments with companies like Kucumber Skin Lounge that can help you.

Kucumber Skin Lounge uses the new Laser Spectra-Peel procedure to treat all sorts of skin issues that often result from age-related hormone imbalances. In just 20 minutes, our treatment can give your skin new health and youthful energy. It will make a huge difference for discoloration and age spots or other marks, redness, pore issues and acne.

We also offer a wide variety of different types of facials and peels to give your skin back its vibrancy and color and fight off any new issues that may be holding you back. We also specialize in anti-aging products and procedures. The Spectra Peel treatment treats acne by healing your skin, bringing down inflammation, and treating your pores and sebum-producing glands directly.