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Go Back Beyond New Year’s Resolutions: Skin Rejuvenation in 2017

Whether you’re hoping to look more beautiful and younger in the upcoming year or are just committed to better self care, Kucumber Skin Lounge can help. We offer a wide range of skin treatments for everything from hair removal to body contouring. We even provide new clients with a complimentary skin analysis for those who want to bring out the best in their skin but aren’t sure what treatments would have the greatest impact. If you want to be the best you this upcoming year, be proactive about caring for your skin.

Experience the Difference Botox™ Can Make

One of the fastest and easiest ways to stave off the impact of aging on your face is to invest in a session of injectables, such as Botox™, to help tighten your facial skin. These simple and quick treatments can help reduce the visibility of worry lines, crow’s feet, eye creases, smile creases, and even sagging, droopy cheeks. With regular treatments, you will see a younger, firmer version of yourself smiling back in the mirror each day.

While Botox™ is one of the most known brands of injectables, they are far from the only option. At Kucumber Skin Lounge, we offer Dysport™, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, Juvederm Ultra, and Juvederm Ultra Plus, as well as several other options for injectables to improve the youthfulness of your facial skin or sculpting your lips for a more sultry smile. The procedure involved with injectables is simple, fast, and effective!

Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction Can Beautify Your Whole Body

The Reaction™ by Viora system is a laser and vacuum system that allows our certified, trained staff to help tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This system is particularly wonderful for new mothers who are working to get back to their pre-baby body. It uses a combination of deep tissue heat, massage, and stretching to help break down and drain fat and improve the texture of skin. It can even assist in the natural production of additional collagen to support the rejuvenation of your skin. Three-quarters of woman report a noticeable reduction in their body circumference with two treatments!

What’s even more amazing is that body contouring with the Viora system is pain free, both during the procedure and afterward. Unlike other techniques to reduce cellulite and break down fat, there are no side effects associated with treatments from The Reaction™ system by Viora. There is also no downtime, so you can return to work and your daily life immediately after your treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

There have been some amazing breakthroughs in the skin rejuvenation industry over the last decade. We offer some of the most effective and cutting edge treatments for skin rejuvenation. The Laser Spectra-Peel™, for example, is laser-based technology that celebrities, models, and others in the limelight are raving about recently. This non-invasive technology allows for a 20-minute treatment time, with no downtime or pain associated with the process. It not only improves the appearance of your skin, it can help reduce the redness and swelling associated with rosacea.

We also offer HYDRAFACIAL™ treatments, which involve the use of a resurfacing serum that helps reduce pore size, treats pimples and blackheads, and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We also offer custom formulated chemical peels to help reduce fine lines and dark spots or discoloration of the facial skin. The right chemical peels can even reduce your acne and the appearance of acne scars.

When you’re ready to commit to improving the look, texture, and firmness of your skin, Kucumber Skin Lounge can offer a variety of effective ways to help. Set up a consultation today to find out what services would be best for you!