The Ultimate Body Makeover

Time, age and the elements have done their best to rob your skin of it’s natural beauty. That’s why Kucumber developed a no-downtime, non-invasive ultimate body makeover that minimize stubborn fat and contours your body. Our exclusive KuSculpt™ treatment brings the best leading-edge body sculpting and skin firming therapies together to stimulate collagen, reduce cellulite, minimize stretch marks, eliminate fat and tighten loose or aging skin. Combining the body contouring and skin tighening of the KuFit™, plus the added benefit of fat removal and body sculpting, the KuSculpt™ body makeover is your complete solution to restore and revitalize your shape. KuSculpt™ is the ultimate body makeover regimen to help you achieve a more refined figure. You can expect these and more benefits from our best service, KuSculpt:

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin tightening
  • Skin firming
  • Body contouring
  • Fat reduction
  • Optional Medical Weight Loss add-on

You can see even better results when you add on the optional Medical Weight Loss + HCG program. Our innovative, rapid weight loss program can help you eliminate up to to 20 pounds in one month*. Ask if you’re an ideal candidate for this remarkable weight loss program.

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the ultimate body refresher


Lose up to 25% of fat that resists all diet and exercise with sculpting treatment.


Minimize loose, sagging skin and enjoy a more refined figure and body shape.


The unique Kucumber Skin Lounge KuSculpt™ is our most comprehensive skin tightening and body contouring treatment plan.

Fat Removal & Sculpting
Your specialist will apply the sculpting device to your skin. Skin and superficial fat in the targeted area are suctioned into the applicator so that cooling can be delivered. You will begin to notice changes in about four to six weeks after the fat cells have been eliminated from your body through its natural healing processes.

Skin Tightening & Contouring
We utilize a powerful RF laser to vacuum and suction loose skin. The hand piece delivers radiofrequency energy at the deepest level, penetrating the dermal layers and targeting damaged cells. This penetration leads to increase collagen production, visible fat reduction and skin tightening. Since RF energy uses an electrical current, it doesn’t put the skin’s melanin at risk and it limits overall tissue damage.


Fat Removal & Sculpting
It may take up to four to six weeks for your body to naturally process the dead fat away. Typically results are visible 90 days after the procedure. To show your progress and transformation, your specialist will take pictures both before your procedure and again at 90 days. You might experience side effects including redness, swelling, and decreased sensation or pain in the treatment area; these generally resolve in two to four days. The procedure requires no downtime and you may comfortably return to your regular activities immediately following treatment

Skin Tightening & Contouring
The skin tightening device primarily targets  soft tissue. When used in a defined location with multiple passes, some fat loss will occur in addition to the skin tightening. Deciding how much tissue tightening as opposed to how much fat reduction is needed will be determined during the assessment with your specialist. Improvement in skin tone will be observed immediately after treatment, with the longer-term collagen growth and restructuring becoming noticeable around eight weeks. Common side effects include swelling, redness and bruising. Redness typically resolves in a few hours, and swelling and bruising dissipate within a few days post-treatment.

The KuSculpt™ regimen utilizes our best body sculpting and skin firming lasers to help you achieve exceptional contouring results. Schedule a complementary consultation today.