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Considering Tattoo Removal? Advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos can be incredibly personal and meaningful. When well designed, well placed, and well thought out, they can help motivate, break the ice, or just let people know something important about you. Bad tattoos, however, can hurt your self-esteem, your chances at obtaining a professional position, or even your brand new relationship.

If you have a bad tattoo, a faded tattoo that you don't want retouched or covered up by another tattoo, or (heaven forbid), the name of an ex-lover tattooed somewhere on your body, it may be time to consider laser tattoo removal as a means of permanently ridding yourself of this atrocious ink.

What Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

As the name implies, laser tattoo removal is the process of fading and removing a tattoo by the use of specialized lasers. While there was a time in recent history where lasers could only fade tattoos (and in some cases, only certain colors of the tattoos being removed), advances in the procedure and the lasers themselves have made this process far more effective than it was even a decade ago.

These days, colors from black to yellow can be removed by a professional laser tattoo removal service using up-to-date equipment and procedures.

Laser Tattoo Removal Is the Safest, Most Effective Method

It is, frankly, the only fully effective means of removing a tattoo. It is also far less painful than some methods of removal, which may include using an abrasive on the skin followed by salt or another absorbent solid compound to physically remove ink embedded in the skin. Not only does that scar; it hurts, and it doesn't work well. Tattoo fading creams may help reduce colors, but won't actually get rid of your tattoo.

Laser removal won't scar your skin, cause unbearable pain, or leave behind a faded but still visible tattoo. It gets the job done, although it may take a number of sessions to do so.

Why Choose Laser Tattoo Removal?

Not only do tattoos have higher success rates than other forms of tattoo removal, they are typically performed by a certified, trained professional, which is not always the case for other methods of tattoo removal. Because it is performed by a laser applied to the embedded ink, laser removal reduces the risk of infection or scarring during the removal process.

If you want your bad, embarrassing, or faded tattoo removed, laser tattoo removal is your best option. With a number of professional sessions, which may target individual colors or sections of your tattoo, you will see your tattoo slowly fade into nothing more than an unpleasant memory. 

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