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10 Signs It's Time for Skin Rejuvenation

Most women begin noticing fine lines, wrinkles, and even sagging skin and age spots on their faces after they turn thirty. For many, this is an unwanted reminder of the passage of time. The physical signs of aging on your face can make other people judge you and can even impact your career. If you're wondering if the time has come to begin investing in skin rejuvenation, you're in luck. Here are 10 signs that it's time to start taking more proactive care of your skin to prevent aging.

1. Wrinkles appear when you frown, laugh, or raise your eyebrows.
This is one of the earliest signs of skin aging, which can set in during the mid to late twenties. If you're starting to see those wrinkles and fine lines, it may be time to start working to preserve the texture and elasticity of your skin.

2. Visible wrinkles appear on your forehead or at the corner of your eyes. These wrinkles persist even when you face is at rest. They are common enough, but over time, they can deepen, making your face look craggy and old.

3. Sagging of the cheeks and facial skin. This tends to begin in the mid-thirties and increase in severity over time for the rest of your life. The facial skin, if pinched or pulled, feels loose. That looseness results from a loss of elasticity, and over time, it will increase. This sagging is one of the main reasons people undergo facial lift procedures.
4. Dark spots ranging from tan to black appear on your skin. Called Sebhoriec Keratosis, these dark spots will only increase in number and expand with age. Protecting your skin from trauma, such as pimple popping, and limiting solar exposure can help prevent their development, but those dark spots are generally a natural part of the skin aging process.
5. Bags under the eyes, possibly combined with wrinkles. The skin under the eyes will darken and loosen, resulting in sagging and even wrinkles. They not only make you look older, they also make you look tired, even exhausted depending on how pronounced they are.
6. Marionette lines develop. These wrinkles generally run from the corner of your lips down to your chin, creating the look of a marionette's jawline, hence the name.
7. Blood vessels in the cheeks become visible, particularly after sun exposure. Called telangiectasia, these blood vessels become more visible as your skin ages. At first they may be subtle, but they will increase in number and intensity of color as you continue to age.
8. Lips begin to appear thinner. This is a result of coloration as well as skin loosening. As your skin ages, the coloration of your lips may fade. The skin around the mouth may also loosen and sag, resulting in the appearance of small or nearly invisible lips.
9. Loosening or sagging of neck and chin skin. Remember the references to this sagging skin from 90s pop culture, when it was called a wattle (not unlike protruding skin and tissue that develops on the heads of certain birds)? It's a sure sign of aging, and one that can be particularly hard to combat with over-the-counter treatments.
10. Deepening of the nasolabial lines. These creases lead from the corners of the mouth up to the edges of the nostrils. Also called smile lines or laugh lines, these are often some of the earliest lines and wrinkles to appear, and they will only deepen in time unless preventative measures are taken.

Take Proactive Measures

If you're noticing any of these signs, it's time to consider proactive treatments to slow the skin aging process. Treatments like the Laser Spectra-Peel can help improve the health and vitality of your skin. There are also chemical treatments, manual exfoliation procedures, and many other spa treatments that can delay the onset of these symptoms of aging. 

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