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Unexpected Uses for Botox Injections

Most of us are familiar with the endless aesthetic uses for Botox injections, especially their most popular application -- to smooth and combat facial wrinkles including worry and smoking lines, smile creases, eyebrow and eye creases, sagging cheeks, and virtually everything under the sun. But what you might not imagine are the more unconventional uses for Botox. These treatments have nothing to do with wrinkles, but can be just as effective in reducing or eliminating undesired symptoms. Here are a few FDA-approved Botox uses that are the unsung heroes of helping adults battle various health conditions.

Important to note: As with any medical treatment, always follow approved uses for Botox. Consult a professional for more information about the safety and potential side effects of specific uses.

Excessive sweat

Botox is increasingly recommended to treat severe sweat (also known as hyperhidrosis), particularly excessive armpit sweat that doesn’t improve with antiperspirant use, when injected into the affected area every 6 months or so.


Trials suggest that the active ingredient in Botox can help mitigate headaches by inhibiting sensory pathways that trigger migraine pain. This treatment method is only intended for patients with chronic migraines -- in other words, migraines that occur 15 or more days each month. Regular ongoing injections may help improve quality of life for people suffering from intense headache pain that hasn’t improved with other treatments. Of course, patients should discuss with their doctor before beginning a new course of treatment, as some people make better Botox candidates than others.

Overactive bladder

Since 2013, Botox has remained an FDA-approved method for treating symptoms of overactive bladder such as frequent urination and incontinence. This treatment route is typically only recommended when symptoms don’t respond to oral medication. If you and your doctor decide this is an appropriate course of treatment, Botox works in the same capacity as it does when injected into the face. The drug can relax bladder muscles and allows the bladder to store more liquid before the urge to urinate arises.

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