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Over 40 and Fabulous: 10 Celebrities with Glowing Mature Skin

The grace with which we age depends on years of skincare and personal health habits. The cards are more likely to be stacked in favor of those who stick to a healthy skincare regimen including regular sunscreen application, avoid smoking, keep a healthy sleep schedule, minimize stress, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

When it comes to preventative skincare, a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher should be a mainstay in your arsenal of products. If acne is a problem, at-home treatments can be used in tandem with professional methods such as an anti-acne peel to improve the appearance of blemishes. Figuring out an anti-acne routine that works for you is especially important for preventing potential scarring.

Several studies also suggest that smokers can appear an average of 1.4 years older than nonsmokers. This may be due to a decrease in essential restorative nutrients such as vitamin C, and can also be attributed to nicotine’s tendency to stain teeth. Though teeth whitening treatments are available, avoiding smoking is the most surefire way to avoid premature aging effects such as wrinkles and under-eye bags. To further combat unsightly droopy lids, the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7-9 hours of shut-eye for young adults and adults ages 18-64.

Of course, sleep can be hard to come by if you’re crippled with stress. Because chronic stress can spur premature aging, practicing daily relaxation techniques is key to reaching your minimum 7 hours. Make time for hobbies such as reading, painting, cooking or jogging, or try meditation, yoga, massage, muscle relaxation or music therapy for peace of mind and a healthy, well-rested glow.

Finally, feed your body nutrient-rich whole fruits and veggies and fuel your days with regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and stimulate cell regeneration for healthy skin.

It’s important to note -- hope is not lost for those who have spent years working late and then partying until dawn, chowing down on many late-night pizzas, or spending downtime basking in the sun for hours while slathered in tanning oil. It’s never too late to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine -- and for any damage that has already occurred, Botox and anti-aging skin rejuvenating treatments such as laser and chemical peels can work wonders.

Whether it’s thanks to a religious dedication to a healthy lifestyle or to the magic of Botox injections, these five women and five men stand out among the ranks of over-40 stars for their killer mature complexions. Here they are in no particular order, without further ado:

1. Jennifer Aniston

Age: 47

Just when you may have thought Jennifer peaked during her Friends days, the actress is more beautiful than ever as she approaches 50. She and husband Justin Theroux make a great pair -- both are rocking their mid-40s looks.

2. Julia Louis Dreyfus

Age: 55

JLD has hardly aged a year since Seinfeld signed off. Earlier this year, the Veep star and award nominee glowed on the red carpet at the 2016 Golden Globes.

3. Halle Berry

Age: 49

Berry has always been absolutely radiant from head to toe. Even at 49, she would surely still rock her Catwoman suit.

4. Cindy Crawford

Age: 50

After 30 years as an international modeling success, it’s no surprise that Crawford is still in the business of being beautiful. It shows on her face at 50, and her young daughter Kaia Gerber seems poised to carry on her legend.

5. Cate Blanchett

Age: 47

The blonde Aussie bombshell is crushing mid-40s life both on- and off-screen. Among many other projects, Blanchett is set to star in Oceans Eight, the upcoming female-led Oceans Eleven spinoff.

6. Paul Rudd

Age: 47

Modern-day Paul Rudd is just as boyishly charming as he was in his Clueless era. That heart-melting grin is the cherry on top of a glowing complexion.

7. John Stamos

Age: 52

Uncle Jesse is just as much of a bombshell in Fuller House as he was in the show’s original run. Stamos hasn’t lost that million-dollar smile or sweeping dark hair.

8. Bruce Willis

Age: 61

Salt-and-pepper facial hair only enhances 61-year-old Willis’ studly reputation.

9. George Clooney

Age: 55

No roundup of sexy mature men is complete without a Clooney appearance. It’s no wonder everyone’s favorite dreamy older guy won the heart of girl boss and wife Amal Clooney.

10. Jon Hamm

Age: 45

Though his Mad Men days may be over, Hamm will forever look handsome in a tux.

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