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Your One-Shop Stop to Prep for Bikini Season

We’ve been getting some lovely warm weather lately, even breaking record temperatures! With summer officially only a month away, now is the time to do all of those treatments to get your bod in prime condition for swimsuits and summery dresses! And Kucumber Skin Lounge is your single-stop place to go to prep for bikini season with some of our top skin services…

Body Contouring

Smooth out the bumps, reduce cellulite, and tighten loose skin with a body contouring treatment. Our body contouring treatments are a non-invasive, gentle method of effectively tightening your skin and contouring the body for more even skin texture, weight loss, and rejuvenation. The treatment works by heating the tissue of your skin on a deep level, with mechanical massage and stretching of the skin to improve its elasticity, smooth out the texture, and drain fat. As an added bonus, there’s no down time and you’re probably going to see significant results in just one or two treatments!

Laser Hair Removal

Shaving is a pain, and waxing isn’t for everyone. Say goodbye to unwanted hair in a more permanent way with laser hair removal! This treatment targets the follicles of unwanted hair in specific areas with highly concentrated beams of light, destroying the hair at the root. While hair will grow back with waxing or sugaring, laser hair removal does a more permanent job. After a series of just three-to-five treatment sessions, you will love the result of permanent hair loss. Be bikini-ready all the time, and don’t worry any more about growing unwanted hair out for waxing treatments.


Tanning is a must for any summer-prep regimen, but don’t settle for just any tanning salon for your bronzing treatments. Kucumber has the Bentley of tanning beds with our Sun Angel S52 Bed. It’s innovative technology eliminates the risk of overexposure and sunburn almost entirely, since the bed measures your skin’s specific melanin levels to determine a safe level of exposure to bronze your skin.

Ready to work on your gorgeous summer skin? Contact us to book your treatment appointment or consultation!

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