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10 Things You’ll Love Hearing After a Visit to Kucumber

Sometimes a woman doesn’t realize how much of an impact a salon service had on her appearance until somebody else says something. It could be a direct compliment or maybe something offhand, but there are lots of little things you might hear after visiting Kucumber Skin Lounge that will keep you coming back for more!

1.) “Did you go on vacation?” 

Our tanning salons will keep you bronzed year-round—people will think you just stepped off a beach!

2.) “You haven’t aged a day!”

There’s nothing better than running into someone you haven’t seen in a while and knowing you look just as they remember you, or even better! Our anti-aging treatments can help you turn back the clock. 

3.) “You must have the best metabolism.”

With our body contouring, weight loss, or cellulite reduction services, you’ll look naturally thinner and healthier.

4.) “How do you look so rested when you’re so busy?”

Even if you’re a girl on the go, we can help you fight those tell-tale dark circles under your eyes or puffy, blotchy skin. Nothing’s worse than being told you look tired all the time, especially when you’re actually feeling fine.

5.) “Your confidence is inspiring.”

Our services will help you look and feel great, and you might be surprised what you’re inspried to do or say thanks to your new-found confidence!

6.) “Your legs look amazing in that dress!”

Our waxing or sugaring services will help you keep your legs bare, smooth, and stunning.

7.) “What kind of moisturizer do you use?”

A hydra-peel or facial from Kucumber will restore the moisture and vitality to your skin so well you can bet that everyone will be wondering how you keep it so taut and soft. 

8.) “You have such a great smile.”

You’ll be grinning ear to ear with your dazzling pearly whites after our teeth whitening procedure!

9.)  “You look so grown-up.”

If you suffer from adult acne, you’re probably embarrassed of your pimples and wish you’d outgrown them years ago. With our Spectra Peel for Acne, you can finally say good-bye to that awkward phase.

10.) “Can I buy you a drink sometime?”

Be ready to get a lot of extra attention when you pay a little more attention to yourself!

If you like the sound of these, call us today to book an appointment!

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