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VIP Membership Perk: FREE Monthly Facials

Did you know that when you purchase one of our packages you become one of Kucumber’s VIP members?

Our one year unlimited hair removal packages will not only leave your skin bare and beautiful, but open you up to certain membership perks. Specifically, you’ll be entitled to any one of our FIVE different Corrective Facials each month—not only is that a great bargain, but it’s a fun way to give yourself a treat every month that’s new, fun, and full of benefits!

Our carefully-designed facial treatments have been engineered to meet a variety of different needs, including age rejuvenation, acne-fighting, or moisturizing. 

Take a look at the benefits of our five “Skintastic Cocktails” below, can contact us at Kucumber if you are interested in a package or any of these individual treatments! 


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