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5 Reasons to Go to Kucumber Before Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away! Luckily, we take walk ins, and we’re willing to tweak our schedule to make sure you’re looking perfect this Saturday. This is one of the sexiest holidays of the year, and you want everything to be on point! After all, this is an occasion for dressing up as whoever or whatever you want, so don’t you want to be the best possible you?

Here are five reasons you might want to swing by our skin lounge before the big night!

1.) Tanning

  • It’s October, and your skin is probably starting to look pretty pallid. We haven’t been getting much natural sunlight for a couple months now, but if you plan on showing skin this Halloween, you want to look your brownest! Not only does a tan make you look slimmer and more toned, but it also will make you look healthier and more vibrant in the pale lights of a Halloween night. If you plan on partying through the night, you don’t want to look washed out!

2.) Waxing

  • Much like tanning, this is a must for costumes that show any skin. If you’re like most women, you want to embrace this opportunity to show off your figure, but maybe you haven’t been keeping up with your body hair since it’s been “pants season.” A little bit of growth is perfect for a nice clean wax—you’ll love the way your long, smooth legs look in your short costume, or the fact that you don’t have to worry about underarm stubble while you dance the night away.

3.) Botox

  • Halloween is a young woman’s party. The lights are harsh, you’ll be out quite late, and dramatic make-up looks best on a smooth face. If you’re worried that the lines on your face will make you look a little more like an old crone than your witch costume intended, it’s not too late to seek help with injectables! 

4.) Teeth Whitening

  • Halloween is the number-one occasion for taking pictures, and you want to remember how amazing your costume looked, not how yellow your teeth seemed. If you want to debut a dazzling bright smile for the occasion, come into Kucumber Skin Lounge! We even have a special right now—$185 (usually $399) for teeth whitening! But shhh, offer ends soon!

5.) Facial Peel

  • If you want to be as radiant as possible on Halloween night, come in for a facial peel! We especially recommend our Laser Spectra-Peel™, which has profound and immediate results and will restore the vitality of your skin while reducing any imperfections. The treatment only takes 20 minutes and has no recovery time, meaning you can treat your skin’s flaws well in time for your big Halloween weekend. 

Call us at Kucumber Skin Lounge to ask about these services and more! We want you to look positively bewitching this Halloween, and impress your friends, partner, or perhaps a stranger or two. 

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