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Help for Melasma: Laser Toning for Perfect Skin

Do you have a patchy discoloration on the skin of your face? It might look like dense freckling, a birthmark, or strange tanning, and it’s probably concentrated on your cheeks, jawline, or forehead. This blotchy, symmetrical skin pigmentation disorder is called melasma. Melasma is very common, and affects an estimated six million people in the US, primarily women between the ages of 20-50. It can often develop during adulthood, is sometimes triggered by sun exposure or pregnancy, and is more common among people with dark or olive skin tones. 

Avoiding further sun exposure can manage melasma, but it won’t make it vanish. You can also try to use acidic creams to lighten the areas of affected skin, but this technique is not as precise, and doing it at home can sometimes lead to misapplication. You can also choose laser toning, which is especially helpful for cases that are resistant to other methods. Laser toning has been shown to be the most effective solution for melasma, and it’s non-evasive, quick, and long-lasting. And even better, there’s zero recovery time between treatments. 

What is laser toning? It’s a two-part procedure that works by heating the dermis layer, which produces collagen. The dermis is underneath your top layer of skin, known as the epidermis. The new collagen in the dermis will make your skin seem tighter and fuller, and it will change the way your skin produces the melanin that causes uneven coloration. 

Does it hurt? Nope—you might experience a sensation of heat or tingling sensation from the laser, but definitely not “pain.” It’s not actually damaging your top layer of skin in any way—it doesn’t burn, cut, or remove your top layer of skin, but works through and under it, so it’s not not painful. 

What are the benefits? Laser toning will not only treat your melasma, but it improves the general appearance and consistency of your skin. It promotes sub-dermal collagen and will improve your skin’s texture and tone along with its coloration. Laser toning reduces pore size and fine wrinkles, and will give your skin a youthful glow. And though it will require about 6-8 sessions to appropriately reduce the visibility of melasma, the treatments will continue working under your skin long after your last application. 

If you suffer from melasma, or you’re interested in laser toning for its other restorative properties, come in to Kucumber Skin Lounge today! We’ll walk you through the benefits of laser toning and what your treatment options include. 

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