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All About Juvéderm® Skin Filler

At Kucumber Skin Lounge, we pride ourselves in the latest, most innovative technology in skin care services. We are constantly researching and making improvements to our services to best serve our lovely patients! This means that we have a variety of options to best serve your individual needs. Along with our popular Botox™ skin tightening service skin tightening service, we offer many other injectables, including Juvéderm® XC

Juvéderm XC “is the first and only non-surgical hyaluronic acid filler FDA-approved to instantly smooth moderate to severe wrinkles around your nose and mouth for up to one year with optimal treatment.” Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance in your skin that diminishes with age, causing the skin to loose structure and contributing to wrinkles. Juvéderm XC injects this crucial ingredient back into your skin to boost its volume and smooth texture. It works best for smile, corner, marionette, and vertical lip lines, providing natural-looking results for up to one full year!

You may be wondering how this type of treatment differs from Botox. Both are non-surgical injections to treat facial lines, but they work differently. Botox is injected beneath the skin’s surface to target the facial muscles that are causing wrinkling of the topical layer, while Juvéderm is applied to the skin’s surface to smooth lines. Both are safe, popular, and temporary treatments that work best in sessions. We love both methods and will work with you to decide which type of treatment will work best for your individual needs!

Whether you’re interested in reducing smile lines or sculpting your lips, Kucumber has perfected the art of injections. Our syringes come in different sizes and are tailored to your specific needs. Try one of our non-surgical, professional skin tightening services to rejuvenate your whole look!

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