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Keep Healthy Skin after the Halloween Makeup

It’s that time of year to whip out the face paint and costume makeup—Halloween is just around the corner! Once you’re all done up for the night, make sure your skin doesn’t suffer the consequences. Looking great for one night isn’t worth living with damaged skin for weeks after. Keep your skin regimen on track after all the fun is over and plenty of spooky selfies have been taken. Follow these tips for healthy skin long after the Halloween festivities:

  • Wash your face! It is so important to wash off the face paint before you hit the hay. Allow your skin to breathe and replenish by ridding your face of the stuff as soon as possible after the party. Costume makeup contains an excess amount of oil, which can easily clog pores and cause breakouts if it stays in contact with the skin too long. No matter how tired you are before bedtime on Hallows Eve, wash your face well and rinse thoroughly. Your skin will thank you!
  • Moisturize. Apply a moisturizer to your skin and allow it to soak in before putting on face paint. This will help prevent some of the negative ingredients in costume makeup to affect the skin. A hydrated face will also allow the makeup to apply easier and stay on better, creating a more finished look.
  • Don’t buy cheap. That drugstore makeup may not harm your budget, but it probably will harm your skin. Investing in some nicer costume makeup, perhaps from a specialty makeup brand or department store, will eliminate the cheap ingredients that have negative effects on your skin.
  • Get a facial. Kucumber Skin Lounge offers a variety of professional, cleansing facials that will get your skin back on track after Halloween. Our resurgence renewal and redness therapy facials will work wonders after the face paint is removed. Contact us to make an appointment! 

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