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The Truth Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

As life goes on, things change. Not everything is permanent—including tattoos. Starting to regret getting inked that one crazy night long ago? Don’t fret! Laser tattoo removal is a great option to rid your skin of unwanted ink. Erase your past mistake and start fresh with laser tattoo removal at Kucumber Skin Lounge. Read on to debunk some common myths about this process, and kiss that tramp stamp goodbye!

Myth #1: It’s more painful than getting the tattoo

If you could handle the pain of getting inked in the first place, removal will be no more painful. The feeling may not be comfortable, but should feel comparable to a burning sensation or tingling. Our removal specialists can numb the area to lessen the pain according to the size of the tattoo and your personal pain threshold.

Myth #2: It will cause scarring

People are most often worried that laser tattoo removal will cause scarring. In reality, the chance of scarring is low because the treatment penetrates the top layer of skin, which contains color pigment, to target the ink. Other removal methods such as skin grafting and dermabrasion are more likely to leave marks.

Myth #3: It’s not safe

Laser tattoo removal is a safe process. The lasers are regulated Food and Drug Administration and thousands of people use the treatment every year. Kucumber Skin Lounge specialists are highly qualified and trained in this process to give you the best results in a non-harmful way.

Myth #4: Creams are a better option

Tattoo removal creams simply don’t work. The ink is lodged in the skin—creams will do nothing more than mask the markings. Lotions cannot remove the pigmentation caused by tattoos because they won’t penetrate deep enough to reach the layer of skin where the ink is.

Contact Kucumber Skin Lounge to set up a laser tattoo removal appointment and rid yourself of that unwanted body art.

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