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‘Tis the Season for Summer Body Contouring

Bathing suit season is quickly approaching whether you like it or not. If you don’t feel bikini or board shorts-ready, KuCumber Skin Lounge provides all the services you need to get that ideal beach bod. One of our most popular services for this time of year is body contouring

How does body contouring work?

We use the latest in body contouring technology: Reaction™ by Viora, which is a gentle all-in-one device used to tighten skin and contour the body. This non-invasive method works with the body’s natural rejuvenation process so that treatments are safe and efficient. Reaction uses CORE technology and vacuum therapy to induce deep-tissue heating and mechanical stretching that improves elasticity of the skin, resulting in a smoother appearance. This innovative device targets problem areas with control and precision for maximum results in minimal time.

Who can get body contouring treatment?

Reaction technology can be used on all skin types and colors. The treatment will not deter individuals from daily activities or impose any time needed for recovery. Those who are looking to eliminate skin imperfections such as cellulite, uneven skin texture and sagging skin can also use Reaction treatments.

What are the benefits of body contouring?

This type of treatment is safe, fast, and less invasive than other skin-tightening and fat-dissolving treatments. Procedures such as liposuction are surgical, while body contouring is topical and doesn’t penetrate beyond the skin’s layers. Recation therapy can also be used to treat cellulite, rejuvenate skin around the eyes, and improve skin texture in general. Along with regular diet and exercise, the body contouring process will accentuate your muscles and create natural looking results over time.

Does body contouring really work?

Here’s what we found:

• 81% improvement in skin texture after the first session was reported in clinical studies

• 70% of patients saw visible skin improvements after one treatment

• No reported discomfort during or after treatment

• No associated side effects

Call KuCumber Skin Lounge today to book your first appointment and experience the magic of body contouring!

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