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The Magic of Our Sun Angel S52 Tanning Bed

As summer vacationing and lounging on the beach gets nearer, now is the time to get working on that base tan so that you can sport a bikini-ready bod! We have long said that the Sun Angel S52 tanning bed is the Bentley of tanning beds, so we thought we’d give it some extra feature space on our blog …

The Sun Angel is from Sun Ergoline, which is a division of an Arkansas company. It has very innovative technology in UV spectrum tanning – each session is specialized to the customer’s goals and preferences for tanning. The Sun Angel Duo S52 bed is truly a customized tanning experience for every customer.

Here are some of the benefits of the Sun Angel tanning bed:

  • Controlled UV Output: Between the Sun Angel’s two programs, Essential Sunshine and Styling Sunshine, there are customized settings for UV output to achieve optimal tanning results. Based on these personalized programs, clients will get their appropriate doses of UV light to get an even tan without damaging the skin.
  • Overexposure-No-More: Because the Sun Angel Duo S52 bed tans your skin based on the melanin levels in your skin (personalized to you), the risk of overexposure and sunburn is almost completely eliminated! You can enjoy beautifully bronzed skin without sum damage.
  • Vitamin D Stimulant: Here in the Pacific Northwest, so many of us suffer from seasonal depression because of the insufficient amounts of Vitamin D we get into our systems. The Sun Angel increases Vitamin D synthesis to enhance your body’s reaction to sunlight and give your mood a boost!
  • Even Bronzing: Unlike with some tanning beds and sunless/spray tanning sessions, the Sun Angel provides a beautiful, even bronzing without streaks, lines, or blotchy areas. The tanning lamps in the bed are specifically designed to target tough or sensitive areas like the shoulders and face.
  • Comfortable Experience: From the climate control to aromatic mists and aromas, arm and footrests, and sound system, the Sun Angel is truly the most luxury tanning experience you will ever enjoy.

Visit Kucumber Skin Lounge in Seattle today, for a truly incredible tanning experience with the Sun Angel Duo S52 bed! 

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