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Freshen Your Skin for Spring with Our Skincare Tips

The warmth of springtime sun is starting to re-appear, and it’s time to give your skin a fresh start for spring! Take advantage of these skincare tips to help you refresh and revitalize your skin for the season…

  • Don’t over-work it: Even though your skin is probably dry, flaky, and irritated from the cold winter air, don’t go overboard on scrubbing, cleaning or treating your skin – especially the more sensitive skin, like that on your face. Your outermost layers of skin may be damaged, but you don’t want to expose the lower layers to bacteria and irritants too soon.

  • Clean and exfoliate: It’s time to remove any dead skin cells with a gentle, but effective cleansing and exfoliation treatment. Enjoy one of Kucumber’s exclusive peels and facial treatments, which will leave your skin feeling and looking younger. Our cleansing and hydrating skin treatments will nourish and revitalize your skin for better health, beautiful glow, and youthful smoothness.

  • Remove for smooth: Some people don’t bother with hair removal as much during the winter as they do during the spring and summer, so it might be time to get started for smooth, summer skin. We offer a few different treatments for effective hair removal, including laser hair removal and electrolysis, and waxing.

  • Get a bit of glow: It might not yet be warm enough for bikinis and the beach, but those days will be here before you know it! Get started on your summer glow with some sessions in our tanning beds. If you haven’t already heard, Kucumber Skin Lounge was the first to introduce the Sun Angel S52 tanning bed to Seattle, and it’s the premiere bed in our spa. The Sun Angel virtually removes any risk of overexposure because of its advanced technology. We also offer sunless tanning, if that’s your preferred form of bronzing.

  • Continue your efforts: We recommend that you keep your skin healthy by cleansing, toning and moisturizing two times every single day. Then, on a weekly basis add a mask or nourishing peel treatment to keep your skin looking radiant through the spring and into the summer.

Happy spring! Contact us to schedule any of the skincare treatments we mentioned above – we’re happy to help you get back your beautiful skin for spring!

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