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Take Care of your Skin Between Treatments

You want your skin to look awesome, and we can help you with that. From hair removal to body contouring, acne peels & skin rejuvenation, our treatments can make your skin look better than ever—but what about between treatments? There's a lot you can do in your daily life to promote healthy skin & help the effects of your treatment last longer.


Stay hydrated!

Keeping yourself well-hydrated has a LOT of health benefits, and one of them is healthy skin! When you're properly hydrated, your skin heals faster & stays softer. The amount of water you need will vary based on weight, how much you exercise, and other factors—but there are plenty of online resources to help you figure out how much liquid you need to stay properly hydrated.

Protect yourself from the sun!

We know you like to glow year-round, but be careful when exposing yourself to the sun. Sun exposure can prematurely cause wrinkles, age spots & as we all know… cancer. Be sure to keep a broad-spectrum sunscreen on hand for when you need to be outside for longer amounts of time. We can help you out with the glow—you focus on keeping your skin healthy!


Avoid damaging makeup.

A lot of makeup & cosmetic products actually contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin over time. They may make you look great for a day, but in the long run, they can damage skin and have the exact opposite effect that you were hoping. Learn about natural makeups that help your skin improve rather than adding toxins. Ask a skin care specialist for some recommendations!


Don't smoke.

We know quitting is hard—but it's well worth it for so many reasons—including the appearance of your skin. Smoking can damage blood flow, elasticity & strength in your skin. Even the act of smoking can produce unwanted wrinkles around your mouth & eyes.


Use skincare products that make healthy.

Many skincare products produce "great" short-term results. This is often because the chemicals in the product trick you into thinking your skin is healthy & looks great, but they're really dehydrating (and even preventing your skin from getting hydrated!), deteriorating & adding unnecessary layers of chemical buildup on your skin. Do some research before you choose a product & get something that will nourish your skin rather than harm it. Again—ask your skincare specialist for some recommendations!


With our treatments & your at-home effort, you can have skin that looks and feels amazing. Make 2014 your skin's best year yet!

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