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Why Winter Skincare is Oh-So-Important (And How Our Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Can Help)

During this time of year, your skin undergoes several attacks from the elements… Outside, it’s brisk and cold enough to chafe your skin and damage your collagen. Inside, your space heaters or heating in general is drying out your skin as you curl up with a cup of cocoa.

Winter skincare is oh-so-important to make sure that your skin is getting plenty of moisture and maintenance. Aside from lathering on the creams and serums, how can you keep your skin safe during the cold months? Here are some tips:

  • To start, put on plenty of moisturizer. In the Pacific Northwest, there’s lots of moisture in the air outside (thanks to our crazy climate), but inside your skin is constantly dried out by the heating elements you use to keep warm. Lather on the moisturizer – a good rule of thumb is to put on a layer so thick that it doesn’t absorb for about 30 seconds. Also, look for moisturizers that have glycerin. And if your daily skincare regimen isn’t enough (everybody needs a full, refreshing treatment now and again), many of our facials, peels, and skintastic service sessions will re-hydrate to the max!
  • Don’t forget sunscreen. For some, sunscreen is a seasonal skincare solution relegated to summer use only. Don’t fall for this mindset! While many of our skin rejuvenation treatments will repair and treat sun damaged skin, it’s important to avoid that damage at all costs, all year round. The winter sun might not be as powerful as summer rays, but UV is tricky – it’ll catch you on the ski slopes and as you do your holiday shopping, causing sunburn and damage. Use sunscreen daily, and visit Kucumber Skin Lounge when it’s time for a full rejuvenation and repair treatment.

Keep your skin protected and hydrated this winter, to avoid sun damage and chapped, dry skin. When you need that extra-refreshing or repairing treatment, contact us for one of our world-class laser peels, chemical peels, photofacials, or HydraFacial™ treatments. Each of these is specifically designed to repair skin damage and infuse your skin with moisture, in addition to treating other harmful or irritating skin problems.

Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation to determine the skin rejuvenation treatment that’s right for you!

Happy holidays from Kucumber Skin Lounge!

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