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How Tattoos Can Affect Your Career – Why Get Laser Tattoo Removal

When we were younger, tattoos were expressions of our passions or personalities, but now those feelings have changed or expired, and the ink doesn’t really reflect skin underneath.

Beyond those ink ‘mistakes’ you made years ago that you now need to hide or get rid of, tattoos can affect your career, or your ability to get a job. Salary.com published an interesting infographic that explains how “Ink Can Be a Career Stain”.

According to their findings, 76% of people think that having tattoos or piercings will hurt their chances of getting hired. Body piercings are worse, with a 55% disapproval rating versus 42% for visible tattoos, but tattoos are still strongly disliked in the workplace. That means that nearly half of people in the country disapprove of tattoos. And the older your potential employer is, the less tolerant they have been found to be of visible tattoos.

So what can you do if you have visible tattoos? While covering up with long sleeves and a touch of makeup might work during the winter, it’s certainly not going to work during a gorgeous Pacific Northwest summer! What’s more, long sleeves and makeup are hardly hassle-free, permanent solutions.

We recommend a series of laser tattoo removal treatments. The inky mistakes you made in your teens and twenties don’t have to leave a permanent stain on your body and career.

To be clear, we aren’t against tattoos at all! In fact, several of our estheticians and specialists here at Kucumber Skin Lounge love the self-expression we have with our own tattoo art. But we understand when it’s time to remove something that no longer reflects you, or hurts your chances at getting that dream job, and we want to help you.

Here at Kucumber, we use the Lutronic® Spectra system for laser tattoo removal. The system is top-of-the-line design that is made to maximize the results of your laser tattoo removal treatments, without damaging the skin around your tattoo. It works for all skin types and colors, and carries a Golden Standard in the industry of tattoo removal.

Before and After Lutronic® Spectra treatments:

Depending on the color and complexity of your tattoo(s), it takes six to eight treatments to completely laser-away your tattoo forever, leaving smooth, ink-free skin behind! Sometimes it works even faster; it just varies because there is no regulation or standardization in ink or tattoo application practices.

Contact us today to schedule your first laser tattoo removal treatment! We’re offering only $99.95 per area for your first treatment with us, so you can enjoy a little promotion. We look forward to helping you feel and look gorgeous after your treatment here at Kucumber Skin Lounge!

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