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Get Smooth Skin for Summer: Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Shaving causes skin irritation, and can often stimulate ingrown hairs as well. Waxing is an option, but it hurts like a b----, let’s be honest. And either method often misses spots.

So how are you going to get your skin smooth and sexy for springtime and summer sun?

Laser hair removal is precise, painless, and can even permanently stop hair growth! It’s the perfect treatment to start now, while we’re still waiting on the Seattle sun to stick around, so you can show off your sexy smooth skin when it does!

Laser Hair Removal

Here are all the facts about a laser hair removal treatment with Kucumber Skin Lounge:
  • Personalized: When you visit Kucumber Skin Lounge for your laser hair removal treatment, our specialist will take extra steps to make sure that your treatment is just right for you. We take care to note your hair color, thickness, and location – as well as the tone of your skin and even your tanning habits to customize the hair removal treatment to your needs. The laser is then adjusted to a specialized variety of settings to ensure that your unwanted hair is removed without harming or irritating your skin – or leaving hair behind!
  • Accurate: Since the lasers are specially-targeted to your unwanted hair, and designed to work with your skin tone, hair texture, and even your tanning patterns, this method of hair removal is extremely precise! The lasers will beam super-concentrated light into the follicles of unwanted hair, which causes the hair follicles to absorb the light – thus destroying the hair. Laser hair removal also targets hair while leaving your skin smooth and irritation-free.
  • Hassle-Free: Besides being relatively quick – laser hair removal treatments are fast, since the laser disables many hair follicles with each pulse – it’s a procedure that really works. After six to eight sessions (we recommend treatments every four to six weeks) many clients experience permanent hair loss! (Although you might want to come in for a set of three sessions here and there for maintenance). That means no more shaving or waxing – and beautiful, silky smooth skin!

Here at Kucumber Skin Lounge, we are all about providing the best medical spa services to our customers. Our owners, Shay and Nadya, are actively involved in the day-to-day inner workings of our spa to ensure the highest quality. These are local women committed to each individual experience.

We hope you enjoy your laser hair removal treatment (particularly the results) at Kucumber! Book your FREE consultation today!

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