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Under Eye Bags: Reasons to Get Rid of Them and Quick and Long Term Fixes.

by Luan Wook

Having under eye bags can give those around you misgivings about your lifestyle, your day may be tranquil and serene but those around you will think you have been on a 10 day drinking binge, worse yet people will think you are old, which is an offense of great magnitude in our youth -centric culture.

most of the time under eye bags are caused by heredity and aging- if your parents have them you probably will too.  As we age the ligaments under the eye weaken and the skin loses elasticity, allowing fat and fluids to deposit in the eye lid. also allergies, sleep deprivation, water retention, and poor nutrition can be culprits as well.
There are short term ways to reduce under eye bags but they will only last a few hours, anything cold will reduce inflammation but again only for a very short time, if done daily it will lesson the stress and stretching your skin endures everyday.
another short term tip is frozen green tea bags- apply directly to the area under the eye for 10-15 min on a daily basis, green tea bags work because they contain a natural anti inflammatory
 called EGCG. as with a cold compress it is short term , but the relief will make a difference over time slowing down the under eye bag development. individuals store fluids at different places through out there body; for some excess fluid pools beneath the eyelid , causing under eye bags. combat water retention by reducing sodium intake, drink plenty of water, exercise, avoid smoking, alcohol, and eat a balanced diet.
cosmetic fillers are a long lasting way to eliminate bags under the eyes. restylane in conjunction with small amounts of Botox or collagen, is the most effective treatment with out having plastic surgery. restylane is made of non-animal derived hylalurionic acid , which is found in the human body and is biodegradable. during the procedure, Restylane is inserted under the eye bag with a small syringe effectively getting rid of the indentation under the eye. this procedure will get rid of bags for 6 months to a year in most cases.

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