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Although progressive Anti-Aging treatments can often turn the clock back when it comes to your looks, let’s be honest, the very first thing people notice about you is your SMILE!

With a simple 1 Hour procedure we can make you years younger and your smile Brighter and Happier by getting you 4 – 6 shades whiter and ready to conquer the world. Avoid social embarrassment of yellow or dull teeth; let Ku|Cumber Skin Lounge give you that Hollywood smile today!

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What? You didn’t hear about Vajazzling? It is only the most wanted and number one requested fun little treatment in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York … you get the point. In fact, originally introduced to the rest of us in US by Jennifer Love Hewitt, this service spread like crazy! Still can’t guess what it is? Ok, we’ll let you in on a little secret:

Vajazzling is designed to let you decorate your most private and sacred areas of the body with Swarovskiy Crystals. That’s right, we offer both pre-set and custom made Swarovskiy Crystal decorations that can be applied anywhere on your body.

Our most popular package is the combination of Brazillian Bikini wax or Brazillian Laser Hair Removal treatment combined with the happy sparkling Vajazzling, that is applied right above the private areas where the little patch of hair is typically left.

Top 5 reasons to get Vajazzled you wonder?

  • It’s a great way to get over your ex-boyfriend!
  • Works great for people that get easily destracted by shiny objects
  • Fun little something for yourself
  • Could be a great Valentine’s Day present for your sweetheart
  • Or for the rest of us, fun little service that you get addicted to just because it is so irresistible and sparkly

BE DARING, call Ku|Cumber Skin Lounge TODAY and let us Bedazzle you from top to bottom! Hurry, this service is so popular soon we’ll have to start manufacturing Crystals ourselves!

Anal Brightening services (Yes, you read it correctly)

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