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The biggest misconception of our industry is that the services we offer are primarily designed for women. The truth of the matter is, all services offered at Kucumber Skin Lounge from Botox ™ & Injectables to Body Sculpting to Laser Hair Removal are just as effective on men as they are on women. Men also break out with acne. Many guys love to have their abs or backs hair-free because of their workout habits or because they are tired of asking someone to shave their backs. How about those ingrown hairs that make shaving painful? Our COMPLIMENTARY consultations are designed to address all your needs, and Kucumber Skin Lounge has taken an additional step towards Skin Fitness for Men. We offer amazing skin care products that are designed specifically for our gentlemen club - we lost the fruity fragrance and the pretty colors on the bottle and concentrated instead on your moisture and shaving needs.

Browse our website and CALL for your FREE consultation today to receive your COMPLIMENTARY skin and body analysis! DARE TO BE HOT with Ku|Cumber Skin Lounge!